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With the new 2022 look and clean-up of the website, my scale models have been upgraded to the new style as well. In similar fashion to all my other pages, my models are presented below and can be selected by their relevant sub-section. Click on the model you'd like to see which takes you to a new page where you will find the blog updates, photos, videos and more. I've listed them by scale (large to small) and alphabetically where applicable.

Scale models | About my models

Thinking about it, it’s actually pretty difficult trying to write about what exactly got me into putting together plastic kits. I remember from a young age that my dad had model trains and being an engineer, I’m sure he’s the one that introduced me to scale modelling. The first few models I put together were straight forward out of the box, probably with more glue on my fingers than on the wings of my little planes. Gradually the results were improving, and I recall being allowed to use his airbrush for the first time when I was in my young teens. I ended up with a bright red spitfire in 1/72nd scale. Probably not very realistic, but I was very proud of my creation. I think most of my early models have gotten lost over the years, but I recall my collection consisting of at least a 1/48th F-16, a 1/48 F-117 Night Hawk, an IndyCar in 1/24th scale and of course the bright red Spitfire. As high school progressed, I slowly shifted my interest from building models to spending more time doing various sport activities.

It wasn’t until I moved to Florida in 2011 that I swapped outdoor activities at 35 degrees C for indoor activities with AC again. It was time to relight the modelling candle. Though this time I wasn’t going to add more red Spitfires to my collection, instead I’d be making proper models. And in my eyes a proper model contains a lot of details. However, striving for perfection and always trying to improve myself, I soon found out putting just one model together would take me a long time.

I guess that brings us to the “type” of modeller I am. At least if you believe there are different types out there. In my eyes there’s the person that builds a kit in a few weeks, straight from the box. Opposite to that is the person that takes years to build just one kit while adding all the extra details and corrections that are missing from the basic model. Both of them have their pros and cons, and sometimes I wish I could be the kind building straight from the box. Yet I believe that taking a minimum of a year to finish a kit qualifies me as the second type. At least I get to test my patience on a regular basis.

Last but not least would be my specific area of interest. Turns out I don’t really have one in particular; I enjoy almost all of them. Aviation, armour, ships, cars, space, figures. Anything to try new techniques and learn new skills. Though having said that, I do notice somewhat of a pattern across my collection. There’s a fair share of aviation and German subjects I’ve build over the years, but all of them being the best in their class (I’m sure some of you would like to discuss that with me and I’m more than happy to do so). As long as the models form a good starting base for me to go to town on, scratch building missing details and adding a personal touch to it, I’m willing to add them to my stash.

Enough talk, time to let the models speak for themselves. Time to witness the dedication & persistence at work.