Samurai Bust "The dark warrior"

When I think Japan, I think Samurai. Their appearance has always intrigued me and their way of life was something to behold in itself. When I found this figure/bust, I just knew I had to give my figure modelling another go. With all the different clans and their armour colours, it was hard to decide on what to go with. I knew it had to include some dark colours, preferably black and red. With a few small alterations to the standard model, I think I’ve come up with something unusual and interesting.

Model Info

Scale: 1/10
Manufacturer: Bonaparte

Status: Completed
Date Started: March 01, 2021
Date Finished: February 01, 2022


My First completed figure
Posted on March 18, 2022 by Niek Nijsen

Despite starting Wonder Woman first, the samurai bust is the first (large) figure I’ve finished. I began this kit on my workbench at work as a little project to get my mojo back, thinking it would be straight forward gluing some resin parts together and having a bit of fun with hand painting a model. Surely someone could have told me it wasn’t going to be like that?

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