Mercedes AMG GT3 "Mad Gal (Gadot)"

What will the future hold? A lush green planet, or a wasteland as depicted in the "Mad Max" movies? Either way, I thought the cars in the latter looked fantastic and the idea to build one using spare parts from other projects was born. Add a figure of a lady called Gal Gadot to it and you've got a receipe for success!

Model Info

Scale: 1/12
Manufacturer: Scratchbuild / Tamiya

Status: Completed
Date Started: September 01, 2018
Date Finished: January 27, 2019

The Making of

Not "Mad Max" but "Mad Gal (Gadot)"
Posted on January 27, 2019 by Niek Nijsen

One of my smaller projects I did in the background. My main focus on this build was to use bits from my spare box, in which I keep items left over from other projects. I wanted to create a post-apocalyptic vehicle, which screamed "badass". Add an uncommon female figure to it and you've got the recipe for a great model. Set your creativity free!

I always liked the "over-the-top" approach to vehicles used in post-apocalyptic movies such as 'Mad Max'. In an attempt to set my creativity free and also clear up some of the unused parts from older projects, I decided to build one of my own. Set in 60 years from now in a land where water is scarce and most oceans have dried up, I used the Mercedes AMG GT3 car as a base model and added various bits. These include a Merlin engine and guns from the Spitfire, a Hind rocket pod converted to a fuel tank, mesh from the King Tiger to protect the windows, rear wheels from the Lancaster, a scratch-build bumper, hood ornament from the F-16 and home-made decals. Inside the car is a seat from a Huey for the passenger, a shotgun for self-protection, old maps (self printed) from Route 66, and a poster from the movie 'Wonder Woman'. If you look closely, you might notice the resemblance between our female protagonist and the one in that particular movie. There might even be a hint in this project's name.

Enjoy the photos!