Wonder Woman

My first stand-alone figure. I've never done figures before and I thought it would probably be a good subject to try as I'm adding more and more to my usual models to "liven them up" a little. So what's better then to start with the largest figure I could find, a lady who was once created from clay by the God Zeus himself (the most basic form of modelling you could argue)? Though containing a few small details, this model largely consists of big surfaces that I can easily paint with my airbrush and detail by hand. Or at least so I hope. Let's find out.

Model Info

Scale: 1/8
Manufacturer: Mobius

Status: In progress / on hold
Date Started: May 01, 2019
Date Finished: TBC

The Making of

First of a kind
Posted on January 01, 2020 by Niek Nijsen

This model is slightly different to my usual subjects in that it's a full resin kit (other than the obvious fact it's a figure of a well known lady). I began work by cleaning each body part in soapy water to remove the greasy layer that's formed during production. This will allow the paint to stick a lot better as well once we get to that stage. A quick dry-fit surprised me how well the parts actually fit together, something I wasn't expecting from a resin kit.

Once washed and laid out to dry, I tried to come up with a plan as to which parts I would already glue together to aid in the painting stage. I decided that due to her pose, the legs would both be fixed in place and so would both arms and the face. The weapons and hair will be done separately. It seems the pile of rubble that's designed as a base for her to stand on doesn't need any extra weight and the foot that connects to it already has a large pin attached to it, so I don't have to do any extra pinning of the model to keep it from falling over.

It seems I'm already getting to the painting stage, something I've never managed to do before in just a few days time. I'll be playing around with different techniques first and then decide on what works best. More on that in my next update. See you then!