Sikorsky S-92 Cockpit "UK SAR"

"The Office". Something only a few people would ever be able to set foot in. And as such, I decided to turn it into a model so more people can enjoy it. Yet the problem is that the model market has never issued a kit of the S92, let alone a highly detailed version of the cockpit, no matter the scale. I decided it was time to put my scratch building skills to the ultimate test and built it myself. And while I'm at it, why not go completely over the top and make it big, like 1/5 scale big! We're talking dimensions of over 45 cm wide, 40 long and more than 35 cm high! Now that's a model for you! Did I mention it will be fully equiped with an LED light system as well? Both day and night modes?

You're right, this is definitely a project worth following!

Model Info

Scale: 1/5
Manufacturer: 100% Scratchbuild

Status: Cancelled
Date Started: Januray 01, 2019
Date Finished: N/A

The Making of

Unfortunate News
Posted on January 01, 2021 by Niek Nijsen

Unfortunately, I have decided to cancel this project until further notice. Thank you for your interest along the way and I hope you'll enjoy my other builds just as much.

Small (very delayed) update
Posted on January 01, 2020 by Niek Nijsen

A bit more progress on my S92 project:

I've painted the bulkhead using Mr. Surfacer as a primer and MRP's NATO black as the final colour. I tried to break it up a bit by varying the thickness of the paint, thus giving it a little bit of a grey hint to it in places. The brass is done with Mr. Hobby metallic paint and a brush.

Next, I worked on the main cockpit, starting with the center console. My first attempt turned out to be a bit of a struggle, especially because the styrene sheet was slightly warped (I've got a massive roll of this stuff and it's been rolled up for too long). This was followed by punching 166 rivets and gluing them in place. However, things got even worse when I found out the whole section was glued in place too far aft, by a whopping 17mm!

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And so it begings
Posted on January 12, 2019 by Niek Nijsen

Welcome to the first update on my new project! I absolutely love you all for following my build and sticking with me on this journey, I know it'll be a long one (to give you an idea, this update alone took me roughly 30 hours to research and build). So, let's begin!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been measuring parts of the cockpit and comparing them to schematics I’ve received from our engineers (some of them were enlarged for ease of use and better detail). I figured the easiest way to get started with this project is by making the floor. That way I’ve got a solid base to build things on, plus it gives me a good estimate of final size. After many hours of measuring, converting, and re-measuring, I got some lines on paper to make a template. This was then transferred onto the 4mm thick styrene sheet that I’m using for the floor and right-hand side bulkhead. Reason for this is because the thickness will give it the stiffness it needs once everything else is added on top (especially with the overhead panels being supported by it). Basically I’m cutting the cockpit in half, the right side with the outer skin, the left side completely open for easy viewing.

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