Zundapp KS-750 "Ghosts of the Third Reich"

Stalingrad, 1942. The Sixth Army is surrounded and sacrificed by the Führer to slow down Stalin's advance to Berlin. Most of the troops fight to the death, but a few manage to escape the grasp of the Red Army. Scattered across the vast Russian tundras, despite hunger, thirst, and lack of ammo, they still roam the lands, convinced that even today, the Führer is alive and the Third Reich is within reach.

The stories of these soldiers are told over and over again, and by now these men are known as the Ghosts of the Third Reich.

Model Info

Scale: 1/9
Manufacturer: Italeri

Status: In Progress
Date Started: October 20, 2022
Date Finished: Month xx, 20xx

The Making of

Creativity Unleashed
Posted on October 30, 2022 by Niek Nijsen

You’re probably thinking that this is a bit of an unusual and odd subject, even for me. Normally, I build models in super detail that are a representation of the real thing. Why all of a sudden am I going down the route of fantasy? Well, a good question and one I considered myself as well. So, let me explain.

Although I’m not a fantasy/sci-fi fan at heart, I do like the creative freedom it provides you with. I came across a model about a year ago in which the artist had converted a figure of a German soldier to a “walking dead” type of soldier, titled “Home by Christmas, they said” (or something like that). It really left an impact on me because I had not seen something like this before, and I really loved the creative approach the artist had taken. Since then I’ve been playing with the idea of making something that’s purely in my imagination, but do it in such a way that it could be portrayed as real (to a certain extend). Using new techniques that I’ve never tried before, this model became my attempt at just that.

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