About Us

Yes, you've heard it right, we met on Tinder.
Yes, the online dating app.

So who are we?

How we met... In his words

Let me start by introducing ourselves to those who don't know either one of us (which is very likely with all our (inter)national family and friends). If Samster could marry her beloved horse "Princess Tikkabilla Mill", she would have. Sadly she's stuck with me instead. And I'm sure Samster will tell you I introduce myself as "The helicopter pilot", before introducing her.

All joking aside, we did really meet each other on Tinder. After a few weeks of texting and skype, we had our first date on 13 April 2014, in the lovely town of Leicester. What started as lunch only, turned into a full day with drinks, dinner, and finally meeting the parents when I dropped Samster off at their home (her car broke down and what gentleman doesn’t offer her a ride, despite her mum’s fears). I’m sure you’ll hear all about it during his speech, so let’s not ruin the father of the bride’s moment. In short, we had a lovely day and our second date followed soon after.

In the four years that followed we grew closer together, despite being separated for long periods because of my work. From staying over at her parents on the weekends (free food, who doensn't like that), to renting an apartment together before deciding to buy our own home, we’ve done it all together. So it’s only logic we’re taking the next step and become one.

The Proposal... In her words.

So to start with... Yes, I never expected it! Obviously, Niek had been very busy planning. It all started at Gaulby, I should have guessed there was something up when he offered to come and help poo pick the fields, but I didn't. Craftily, Auntie Nina had parked the lorry in front of the stables, so I was blissfully unaware that my mum was planting the rest of the plan.

We returned from poo picking, and sadly to Niek's surprise, I didn't even see what was on the bale of hay. I proceeded to go to Tikka and do my usual pampering of her. In the meantime Niek had refused to move the barrow back, to which I told him what a 'lazy arse' he was and why he couldn't possibly move the barrow two metres.

After giving in, I finally left my princess to find that there was a "Beauty and the Beast"-themed dome with a beautiful red rose and a message reading 'Will you be my beauty'. I then turned around to see Niek on one knee (yes in the stable yard!!). So as they say, the rest is history... And that leads us to the next chapter of our lives, our wedding!!