Posted on December 28, 2013 by Niek Nijsen

With the holidays I finally found some real time to work on U-96 again. So far I've made a huge progress in regards to painting, weathering and adding the last items to the boat.

The crew has been painted and waiting to be added to the project. The equipment that is on top of the command tower, such as the flak gun, periscope and UZO all have been painted and will be added after the weathering process. Crew will be added once the wiring has been done.

Weathering the boat took me about 15-16 hours so far, done in 2 phases. First I've been using a technique called "dry brushing" where you have almost no paint on the brush and rub along the spot until you see a change. Very harsh on the brush, but the effects can be amazing. Secondly I've been using powders to highlight and add "paint chips".

Next up are the torpedoes and the wiring. Both need some additional research, but I'm trying to start working on those tomorrow. After this is done, the crew will be added and the whole will be coated one more time to finish it off.

In the meantime work has started on the stand as well. Lyle, whom I gave the Chinook, will be building and designing it for me. His ideas sound great and I can't wait to see the result. During the process, we'll be taking photos to keep you updated.

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