Bigger And Bigger

Posted on May 28, 2014 by Niek Nijsen

Not being able to resist a limited edition like this, I started doing some research and quickly discovered that this would be a great model to build as a semi see-through. Combining both the clear and plastic versions should allow me to build a very accurate interior which can be seen by everyone, while still being able to add details to the outside of the tank. I will go for a winter version of the tank, based on the famous "Annelise" from the 503rd SS.Pz.Abt.

I've already found many aftermarket parts which will be of great use. Unfortunately it's hard to get good information since most tanks were lost during the war. However, there is a museum in Germany and in the UK who have a King Tiger on display. Looks like I'll be travaling around for a bit soon ;)

It will be a while before my next post on this page will come, as I have to build my BK-117 first. Photos will come later as well, but you can already see the size of the box on the photo on the left...

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