Slower Than Slow

Posted on August 06, 2015 by Niek Nijsen

Although some work has been done, I've never made such slow progress as on this project. To be honest, I've reached the point in that I've put it aside, as I'm getting too frustrated to continue. So for now this will be the last update on the BK, but I'll let you know when she's back in the workshop.

Basically the last few months of work on this model have consisted of filling and sanding. To fit the sliding doors, I had to widen the body. This was accomplished by adding plastic strips to the side. These were then filled with filler to achieve a smoother finish. Next step was to sand it all down to a nice, rounded shape as on the real aircraft. Sounds like a simple job, but it required many hours of sanding and refilling to achieve the desired shape. So although there’s been a lot of hours spent on it again, it surely doesn’t show.

I thought it would be a nice detail to add LED lights to the model. This allows me to represent the model as if it's performing ground runs during maintenance. Slight issue with fitting these lights is that I've already build part of the model. Guess I'll have to cut it open again to fit the lights and wires. As if there's not already enough to do...

I've aslo started working on the fully PE cockpit. I was looking forward to it, until I got going and the parts turned out very small and fragile... More and more frustration and stress were starting to show itself. A good indication to me to put it aside for a while. Time to start with a different project.

My main focus will be on the King Tiger for the time being, but the BK will return in the future to be finished. Until then!

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