Drastic cutting and more

Posted on September 19, 2014 by Niek Nijsen

It has been a long wait again, as I moved to my new apartment in the UK and with work keeping me away for 2 weeks. However, after setting up my new workstation and getting all my new equipment, I was ready to get back to work. And boy, did I create myself some extra work...

Having had a short discussion with Anthony about my brilliant idea to combine the BK and the EC fuselage, we came to the conclusing that the EC was slightly wider than the BK one. However, they do share a lot of the same measurements at the bottom, top and rear part. So after measuring all these sections for a significant period of time, I drew out the section I could use and started cutting. Now that all parts were cut, I could see the huge amount of work I just created. A lot of sanding and filling will be required to make this a perfect fit, but I'm pleased with how it looks at the moment. I did made a serious cutting error on the right half, which requires me to fill a gap with some extra scratch building to make sure the window fits again later on. But that's something to worry about later.

While the fuselage was now resting after some serious amputations, I decided to give the new PE parts a try on the rear doors. Let me tell you, these parts are a major pain in the behind, as they are very small to handle and tend to be very fragile. It took me a good few hours to get the doors to their current stage, where the PE parts have been added and some of the storaging as well. Still a lot more detailing to do later on.

This morning I gave the fuselage a shot again and merged the BK and EC parts together. Using some strips on the inside, I was able to add some extra (and seriously needed) strength to the fuselage. Once the floor is in it will be a lot stronger, but for now this should hold if handled with care.

That's it for now, hopefully I get to work a bit more over the weekend as I'll be leaving for work again on Tuesday. Stay tuned and enjoy the photos I've added of the progress so far. Until the next update!

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