The launch of Project C.A.R.™

Posted on March 30, 2020 by Niek Nijsen

The biggest news you may have already seen on the various social media channels and the website, is that I’ve launched the teaser video of “Project C.A.R.”, which stands for “Classic Automobile Restoration” and will encompass all work related to the restoration of Brünhilda in many free-to-watch episodes over the coming months. If you haven’t seen it already, the teaser can be seen here.

Alongside the teaser was the launch of the introduction video, which explains the concept of Project C.A.R. in more detail, including the future planned teaching series. The latter currently still in its concept phase, it will provide more detail on how to restore your car from your home garage, many tools and documents to members that will help you with your restoration project, including planning tools, expense & inventory trackers, maintenance overviews and much more. This particular video on the “Project C.A.R.™” page and the corresponding playlist on YouTube.

While I spend a lot of time at the computer editing these videos, and even more recording them (a total of 49 attempts before I was happy), I’ve been busy preparing the garage for the work to start. With a small area to work in, smart organisation of the available space is a high priority. I’ve finally installed the missing shelves between the toolbox and shelving unit, and I’ve installed a compressed air system that provides me with a connection point on both sides of the garage. More details can be seen during the quick tour in Episode 01 or in the future special.

Last but definitely not least, I’ve ordered a new camera (GoPro Hero8), which allows me to record in 4K definition as well as live stream in HD quality. Now I’m still working with my usual HD cameras and the first mini episode in which I prepare the car for restoration is currently being rendered. This episode holds a big surprise for us all, where it turns out the car has been housing quite a few little friends over the winter (whom clearly paid the rent in an unusual fashion)…

As you can see, plenty has happened over the last few weeks and there’s a lot more to follow in the coming months. If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to the social media channels and newsletter.

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