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Posted on September 04, 2016 by Niek Nijsen

More than a year later since the last post... Finally, after collecting the base board from Lyle in May during my holiday in Florida, I've been able to complete this project.

With the stand now in my workplace, I could get back to work. First I masked the edges with tape. I then mixed the plaster so that it could still be poured. Using a wooden stick that was long enough to cover the whole width of the base, I levelled the plaster to form the concrete runway. The few bits that suck to the stick actually engraved the concrete with lines like the real Russian airfields tend to have. A lucky coincidence.

Once the plaster was hard, I used a blunt knife and modelling tools to create the cracks and weathering damage. I sprayed the whole with grey primer before using different grey tones, washes and pigments to give the base its final colour composition. A black wash was used to create the oil stains. After letting the paint dry for a day or so I added all the grass, moss, and fencing. The water was created with “Woodlands Realistic Water” and is resin based.

The Hind was added to the diorama and glued in place before receiving a few bushes and water around the wheels. Next up I added the blades and other items that are laying around the helicopter. Initially I had the cockpit-door closed, but after a few people suggested it, I opted to open it to allow a view inside.

And that’s basically it, not much more to it. I think the photos in “The Making Of” gallery will explain the rest. Thank you for following me on this build and your support throughout. It’s been a real pleasure.

“Forgotten Souls” is now officially finished.

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