1/48 British WW2 "Iconic RAF Trio"

When I found out that my better half’s grandfather worked on Lancaster bombers during the war, I decided to make a small tribute in the shape of a model for her dad. But not just a model of the bomber itself, I wanted to add a Spitfire and Hurricane by its side to complete the iconic trio.

For this project I decided to go with 1/48 scale kits, as it would provide me with a size that would both be suitable for additional detail but also wouldn’t be too big for him to display in his house.

Kit by Tamiya (Lancaster & Spitfire) and Airfix (Hurricane)

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Behind the scenes

01 Jan. 2020 | Stoughton, UK | By Niek Nijsen

You probably haven’t heard much about this project, mainly because I’ve been keeping it quiet in the background while working on other models. And I’ll probably keep it like that until the project is finished and ready for the final photoshoot. Why, you may ask yourself? Well, as mentioned in the introduction, it’s a bit of a gift to my father-in-law, and as such I’d can’t post too much about it, especially photos. Once the models are finished, I’ll post photos of the completed trio, along with some work-in-progress shots if I can find them. Until then, I’d like to invite you to follow my other builds, which can all be found here on the website.