"Small Projects"

This page contains all my smaller builds, models that have been put together in the background while working on larger projects to keep my sanity and motivation going.

Each model has a short story to it with their own photo gallery of the finished result.


1/24 Post Apocalyptic AMG GT3

Kibworth, 2019

I always liked the "over-the-top" approach to vehicles used in post-apocalyptic movies such as 'Mad Max'. In an attempt to set my creativity free and also clear up some of the unused parts from older projects, I decided to build one of my own. Set in 60 years from now in a land where water is scarce and most oceans have dried up, I used the Mercedes AMG GT3 car as a base model and added various bits. These include a Merlin engine and guns from the Spitfire, a Hind rocket pod converted to a fuel tank, mesh from the King Tiger to protect the windows, rear wheels from the Lancaster, a scratch-build bumper, hood ornament from the F-16 and home-made decals. Inside the car is a seat from a Huey for the passenger, a shotgun for self-protection, old maps (self printed) from Route 66, and a poster from the movie 'Wonder Woman'. If you look closely, you might notice the resemblance between our female protagonist and the one in that particular movie.

Enjoy the photos!

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    1/35 British Heavy Tank Mk.V

    Kibworth, YYYY