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A detailed biography of Brünhilda, from her birth at the BMW factory in Germany up to now, it's all presented here in detail. Although there are still gaps in her history, I'm trying to find out as much as I can, and any help is appreciated.

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It is here where you'll find the latest news and updates on Brünhilda's restoration progress, her rallying career and much more. Subscribe to the newsletter to make sure you don't miss anything.

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Brünhilda will be taking part in various events and classic car rallies, starting small in the UK with the aim to go big across Europe and eventually other continents too. Take a look here for the event calendar, where you'll find all the details.

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Any and all photos involving Brünhilda can be found here in high quality, including Project C.A.R.™ and photos of other photographers. You're more than welcome to save your favourites!

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Social Media

All social media feeds in one place. Find the latest updates via Twitter and check out the most recent photos and videos with Instagram, or visit the social platform on FaceBook. Hit like & subscribe to all of them so you'll never miss anything!

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You may have already visited the Brünhilda Youtube page (subscribe and hit that like button!), but all videos are located on this page in a clear and easy to understand overview. That includes all additional videos not found anywhere else! Watch the latest update on Project C.A.R.™ or rewatch your older favourites. If you have any questions or video requests, don't hesitate to contact me.

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